Shipping and Baking Tips

How are the products shipped?

Cookie Dough is shipped frozen from Eat the Cookie Company. Raw cookie dough will be boxed in a styrofoam container with a combination of regular ice and dry ice. Multiple product orders may arrive separately. Currently, dough is shipped overnight.  New Haven County residents can receive direct delivery - contact us for delivery.  This is the only way to ensure the timely delivery of perishable food products. We will ship weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

How will the products arrive?

The cookie dough may have slightly thawed during shipping, but it should be firm and cool to the touch upon arrival. While receiving thawed cookie dough is normal, it is important to bake thawed cookie dough within 3-5 days of receipt.

Is it safe to eat the cookie dough raw?

Our cookie dough is meant to be eaten after it has been properly baked. The USDA does not recommend eating raw cookie dough.

How long will the cookie dough last?

If kept frozen, cookie dough will last for months. If you plan on using all the cookies within 5 days, you may keep them in the refrigerator without any loss in quality. 

I left out the cookie dough box for (x)# of days, is it ok to eat?

If you have accidentally left your box of cookie dough out overnight or longer, you may want to throw it out. 

I am allergic to nuts, which products may contain nuts or other allergens?

All of our products may contain traces of nuts, nut oils (including peanuts), soy, eggs, milk and wheat. Our products are prepared in a shared kitchen.

Do you provide nutritional information?

Nutritional information can be found with each type of dough on the website and packaging.

Will you sell me other flavors/sizes/mixed boxes?

For now, we will only have select products available from our online store and cannot make special orders. Various items will be added from time to time, please check our website for updates.

I own a retail store, will you sell to me wholesale?

Yes!  Please feel free to contact us for availability. 

Is there sales tax?

Sales tax is not collected on food items unless they are sold in higher priced gift boxes or baskets. Buying from us would be like going into your local grocery store to make a purchase.

Can I pick up from your location?

Online store pick-ups may be available in the future. Stay tuned...

Cookie Considerations

Each order contains "Cookie Considerations." We recommend you read for the latest tips to make sure you bake for delicious success!

  • Perfectly Chewy!

  • Crunchy on the outside!

  • Chocolate Cookies at their Best!