About Eat the Cookie Company

Everyone liked my cookies - yes! Good news, right?? It was excellent news, but there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get all that baking done. So I thought, what if I made dough when I had time and froze it for use in advance? Voilà! Freshly baked cookies on demand. So many of us are over scheduled, busy, but sometimes you just want a fresh baked cookie without over processed ingredients or hours of baking prep. Hence, Eat the Cookie Company was born. Now you can share in my hack. Now you can make bakery style cookies at home in a matter of minutes. Comm'on just EAT THE COOKIE!

  • "Your cookies are the best! These cookies will turn you into a Cookie Monster!"

    - Cindy, NY

  • "Compared to chocolate chip cookies found in big box stores, your cookies tasted way better, better than bakery style, and compared to the cookie aisle in the grocery store, these cookies were phenomenal."

    - Michael, CA

  • "These cookies are the bomb, soft, but crispy and buttery and super chocolatey."

    - Katey, CT